Isosurf is a command line program that generates triangulated surfaces from cross-sections. Typically this approach is used for generating 3D models from MRI data. Generally it can be used for generating typographically complex shapes. At the core of the surface generation is a cross-section interpolation and a surface triangulation algorithm (marching cube, marching tetrahedrons).

This usage example thresholds pixels values between 60 and 255 in 350 400x400 grayscale images from the out.bin file. It offsets each cross-section by 10 and stores the final result as a VRML file called surface.wrl.

isosurf -t 60,255 -i out.bin -d 400,400,350 -s 1,1,10 -r 6 -v

The input file format is a series of concatenated grayscale image files. The format is headerless and stores the pixel date in a series of unsigned bytes. This is equivalent to the Photoshop Raw format or images saved with this c/opengl function.

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